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Would you like to make

your own MaGrav system?

Maybe we can help you!

Let's test the Mag-grav!

Let's test the Mag-grav for a car:

Who can participate?

Anyone who is willing to test the Mag-grav device for at least 12 months.


 the device is not yet available for regular sale. You can get it only for the purpose of testing - to participate in the experiment carried out by the Society Blue Planet.


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Mag-grav device for a car


176,00 EUR (€)

free shipping



Delivery time: 2 -5 working days

(depending on from which country you are)


What device do you get?

The basic version of the device is a model of "Kit for a car-ready" - more information can be found in the description on the site “KITS”. The device is finished, ready for use. It also includes an outer casing and the  cables.

For instructions, see HERE.


During the 12-month testing we will
solve all uncovered defects in Mag-grav device. We will also fix any damage, regardless of the cause – you simply have to send it to us by post. We will return it repaired or send a new device free of charge. The cost of sending to us is yours, the cost of postage to you is ours.

The warranty does not cover guarantees on the amount of savings. The reason being that this is a testing campaign, an experiment with which we aim to find out whether the device enables any savings.

The warranty applies only to assembled Mag-grav device. For the kits, which you assemble yourselves warranty does not apply.

How does it work?

Each participant will be accompanied by average fuel consumption. Every three months, the average consumption recorded in an excel table.

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Price: 163,00 EUR (€)

Free shipping *

Weight: 2,10 kg


The kit "Power unit for a car - ready" includes all pre-prepared parts for the composition of the Maggrav device for a car. Coils and copper parts are finished. The balls are filled with appropriate GaNs. Enclosed are all the necessary components for the internal and external casing, and for the connection - all that is left is assembling.

More about:

See the special offer for non-EU countries


Delivery time: 2 -5 working days

(depending on from which country you are)

… Or buy the kit from ready made components, and assemble it yourself:

* Free shipping is only for those, who will participate in the testing campagn. Otherwise please buy the kit  HERE.

See the special offer

for non-EU countries

The device is finished and ready for use. It also includes an outer casing.

For instructions, see HERE.