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Contactor, an accessory for bonding and connecting wires made of hardwood.

Connection “methodA”:
Turn the contactor to the side with two holes at an angle of 45 °.
Two wires are intertwined.

Connection “method B”:

Due to the excentric placement of two holes, the incoming wire wraps around the departing wire and the latter remains flat.



Copper coils

Seler: Za 5 d.o.o., Zg. Duplek 8 č, 2241 SP. Duplek, Slovenija

We produce high quality copper coils. We made a device that allows us to accurately produce the desired length, diameter and number of windings. Machine is calibrated for each coil for evenly winding (evenly distance between turns). This is important in the NANO coating. A few details of manufacture you can found HERE.

Technical information:

The dimension of the copper wire is Ø 1.64 mm = 2,5 mm2. The tag is H07V-U. It is generally used for electrical wiring.  Manufacturer of wire: Eurocable.

Number of windings: 144 turns for bigger coils and 81 turns for smaller coils. The inner diameter of the coil: Ø 10 mm for the thicker coils and Ø 6 mm for the thinner coils.


EU countries: TAX (VAT) is included.

Non EU countries: Duties and Taxes may be collected at delivery.


Instructions for use: Push two wires that you want to connect into the holes (so that the flow direction of the Plasmas is such as shown by the arrow on the Contactor - type “B”). Then rotate the Contactor.

You can make your own contactor as well – to obtain the guide for creating one, click HERE.

A few good sketches in 3D program has sent us Mr Marat from Russia:


Direct link:

Coils maker - handy


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